• Jennifer Toole.
  • Love always,Jennifer ToolePhotographer/ArtDirector
  • Love always,Jennifer ToolePhotographer/ArtDirector
  • Jennifer Toole is an actor, known for  (2014).

Sisterhood of the Spectrum: An Asperger Chick's Guide to Life


Over 130 residents turned out last week to voice their strong support and provide feedback to Toole Design Group. Jennifer Toole, president of the Toole Group, is a nationally known traffic planner who knows how to bring folks together to make Columbia and Howard County a model of bicycle and pedestrian travel.

Jennifer Toole’s photographs are sometimes captured in the first light of day. The soft glow of sunrise has long been a cherished time for photographers. But with Toole, it’s more about cover for her “guerrilla-style” outdoor photo shoots, a safe time for her subjects to get naked.


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Jennifer Toole of Toole Design Group cited a “growing realization that despite our really high rates of helmet use in this country, our bike fatality rate has remained stubbornly high compared to other countries that have been able to reduce bike crashes… I think this is all part of the mix of why there is so much interest in providing some separation between bikes and motor vehicles.”