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This Was a Man: The Final Volume of The Clifton Chronicles


Jeffrey Howard Archer was born in the Maternity Hospital. When he was two weeks old he and his family moved to the town of , , where he spent most of his young life.

At he was successful in , competing in and . He also made a name for himself in raising money for the then little-known charity , famously claiming to have obtained the support of in a charity fundraising drive (it was actually Pat Davidson of Oxfam). The band accepted the invitation to visit the Senior Common Room of his Brasenose College, where they were photographed with Archer and dons of the college, although they did not play there. It was during this period that he met his future wife, Mary. His parents were John and Mary Archer who gave birth to him in 1940. Jeffery Archer only had one sibling and that was his brother, Thomas Archer who is a renowned politician for the conservative party.


Jeffrey Archer Photo credit: Vince Maher/WENN

New Delhi, Mar 16: Not winning too many awards does not bother bestselling British author Jeffrey Archer who says he would prefer selling 270 million books over having the Booker Prize.