• FILMS IN 2012#61 (2010, dir. Jeanne Labrune)
  • D'Jeanne Labrune gebuer den   zu  ass eng franséisch Dréibuchauteurin a Filmregisseurin.
  • Jeanne Labrune  Visions de Barbès Grasset, 250 pp., 18 €.
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Visions de Barbès (Littérature Française) (French Edition)

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Your sensitivity is dominated by your reason, Jeanne Labrune, and you tend to analyze your emotional reactions in the slightest details, as if you wanted you hold them at bay so that they cannot overwhelm you or weaken you. Your nature is anxious, shy, you do not like to be in the forefront and you lack self-confidence. You are extremely perfectionist, you need to examine, to organize and to plan everything according to your logic. You like to help and to feel that you are useful, in your own work or through your wise and clever advice. You may also be very demanding and critical, even unbearable, because you are insistent and you find fault in everything. Learn to gain some self-confidence and do not constantly be ready to criticize...

Jeanne Labrune, an enquiring intelligence, an instant understanding and a wide range of interests prompt you to go towards other people in all circumstances with a view to exchanging ideas and to show your talent for repartee. Ideas and actions must be quick and you are likely to be impatient, even critical and sarcastic with people who cannot match your frantic rhythm. You are very adaptable, you can do several different things at the same time and also think of a future action because you constantly need to be on the move. You may be criticized for your superficiality, for spreading yourself too thin and for your propensity to conceal the truth, but you always get out of tricky situations incredibly well because you are very astute, shrewd and charming.


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The Mutable mode is the most emphasized one in your natal chart, Jeanne Labrune, which indicates a mobile character that is curious and thirsty for new experiences and evolution. You are lively and flexible, and you like to react quickly to solicitations, but don't confuse mobility with agitation, since this is the danger with this configuration - and with you, stagnation is out of the question. Security doesn't matter as long as you are not bored. You optimize, you change things, you change yourself... all this in a speedy way.