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  • Janet Chapple is the author of previous editions of  and editor and coauthor of .She lives in Menlo Park, California.

Yellowstone Treasures: The Traveler's Companion to the National Park


Pre-school manager Janet Chapple thanked both Pilton House and Homebase for their kindness and help with the new outdoor play area, which she said would really enhance the children’s outdoor learning experience.

The two-month, 1,200-mile roundtrip — which would have extended across almost the entire width and breadth of the Cowboy State — is recounted in writer Janet Chapple’s new book, “Through Early Yellowstone: Adventuring by Bicycle, Covered Wagon, Foot, Horseback and Skis.”


Janet Chapple in Pawtucket, RI | Intelius

You can certainly find good sources for longer hikes, but author Janet Chapple believes there are lots of older people and also young families who want to do less ambitious walking and would like to know where the best hikes for them are. So she has put together a chart of “56 Recommended Short Walks in Yellowstone” starting on page 366. See the “” nugget for more about that list and other possible hikes to choose among.