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Slam Dunk Shoes (Jake Maddox Sports Stories)


Dear Ms Chen,
Please get every single one of the Jake Maddox books. Probably you need to buy more copies because they are so easy to read and I finish them in a day. Then I have to beat everyone to the library during advisor/advisee time and somebody else comes in and gets them first. That makes me sad. (drawing of sad face) Could you please fly up there to Minnesota and tell your author friends that we need more Jake Maddox books? Maybe the author can write some about bouncing on the trampoline and playing dodgeball. Those are my favorite sports during gym but we don’t have a trampoline.

Hi. I’m a fifth grade student at Lincoln Elem. School in Merrillan, WI, and I enjoy reading books by Jake Maddox. They are at my reading level, and they are action packed. The last one I have read is “Motocross Double-Cross” and it is great. As I like to be outside a lot and play with friends, there are times when we “double-cross” each other, but then we are mad at each other for just a little bit and then are playing together again. This book, if a good one if you want to ride a dirt bike because it has a lot of instructional infomation in it that is right one. thanks again. Colton


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I have most of the first series of Jake Maddox. There are 34 on the list. I wasn’t sure if I should donate them to my middle school library or not. . My old elementary school students loved these, too, so I debated donating them back to that school where I’d definitely be a hero. "Perhaps these are too young?" I wondered. "What if I process them and the students won’t read them?"So I took them in to my middle school Grades 6-8 and waited.