• Annamarie Jagose
  • JAGOSE: Feminism’s Queer Theory
  • Una Jagose leaves the GCSB to take up her new role as Solicitor-General.
  • JAGOSE: Feminism’s Queer Theory

Queer Theory: An Introduction


And Paddy sounded a wee bit concerned, asking repeatedly if they could read his emails. Yes, Paddy, wake up, even you journalists, or especially you, will not be safe from our friends working under Ms Jagose. It may be for the very fact that some people send you in the media stuff, that they may also have an interest in.

Maybe the mercenaries of Ms Jagose did send one of their Trojans to check on me, as a “caring” party, wanting to protect me and others from all bad and nasty stuff? I can only guess, but will move on. Most certainly, they will also keep and eye on some “activists” who are active on the web, there is not much needed to do this.


By Annamarie JagoseDuke University Press

While this debate has constituted the bulk of Jagose’s media attention this year, she offers, as I discovered, much more than an alternative viewpoint on marriage. Jagose is a respected academic and a published novelist. She is also modest, describing herself as “lucky” throughout our interview, claiming that much of her success came from “being in the right place at the right time”.