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Ilana Weitzman is editor-in-chief of enRoute, Air Canada’s award-winning magazine, which was recently named Best In-flight Magazine in North America. Thanks to having one of the best jobs on the planet, Ilana has had the opportunity to experience some of the world’s best hotels, resorts and spas. She has won Gold and Silver National Magazine Awards for her reporting and editing, along with an award of merit from the North American Travel Journalists Association.

This afternoon, Howard Pharr, who has created designs for the Hyatt Regency and Mandarin Oriental as a principal at Atlanta’s , and Isadore Sharp, founder of the Four Seasons hotel chain, hold court and chat about the constantly evolving hospitality industry. With En Route‘s Ilana Weitzman moderating, the trio identify and discuss the increasing demands of travellers seeking perfect wifi connectivity, an original dining experience and round-the-clock access to a spa.


Ilana Weitzman: Workman Publishing

The casual conversation, which was hosted by Air Canada's enRoute Magazine Editor-in-chief Ilana Weitzman, allowed attendees to get a glimpse of some of the work Rockwell has completed, including his projects here in Canada. To start, Weitzman posed the question: "How do you engineer memories? How do you build the memorable?" Rockwell explained, "As designers, there are things we can control. We can control what the room looks like, we can control the furniture. There are a whole series of things that are much more ephemeral. I've always been interested in those parts of design."