• "The regret of my life is that I have not said 'I love you' often enough." — Yoko Ono
  • "You don't have to have a ring on your finger to say, 'I love you.'" — Tyra Banks
  • "I love you—I am at rest with you—I have come home." — Dorothy L. Sayers

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In that instant, my entire life flashed before my eyes. If I sit here and write out to you all the details of that day, those months, these years, you might not believe me because I truly know that it is not of this earthly realm. But please believe me when I tell you that life is much too short not to tell the people that you love the most, "I love you."

Love is in our daughter's name and even simply saying her name when she wakes up from a nap makes my heart flutter. When he lays on the floor with her speaking baby language, I tell them both how much I love them, and adore them. Goodness she looks so much like him, I constantly find myself staring at them with tears in my eyes, living this and experiencing this is so much more extraordinary than reading about it in a book can ever be, but everything to hope for. We are not perfect, and if we have ever felt frustrated at one another, nothing is more powerful than "I'm sorry, I love you." As much as we love taking risks, we hold true to never going to bed angry because the possibility of never waking up is much too great of a risk to take.


I Love You Too (2009) - Rotten Tomatoes

There is nothing inspiring or original about too. Too is not an action but a reaction. It follows another’s ideas and saps power from their concept. Too is the equivalent of saying ditto. Why would we ever add “too” to “I love you” then?