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The Heroes of Olympus Paperback 3-Book Boxed Set


A: I am getting ready to launch into that right after I finish the Heroes of Olympus series. It's something I've wanted to do for as long as I've been reading myths. I love Norse mythology — Thor and Odin and Loki — amazing characters. It's just one of those things I haven't had the chance to go in and write the ideas I have, but finally I am getting the chance, so that's next on my plate.

A stunning paperback boxed set bringing together the first three volumes in the wildly popular Heroes of Olympus series. Longtime fans will want this collection and so will new readers just diving into the series.


Heroes of Olympus Series Collection 5 Books Set By Rick Riordan

hey guys so this is my second trailer for the heroes of Olympus book series. This trailer was a bit harder than my last one cause i didn't really know much about what will happen.

So this is what it's about if you are confused... it starts with Percy and Annabeth falling into tartarus and somehow survivie. they travel through Tartarus looking for the doors of death but end up getting caught by Gaea. Gaea needs 2 sacrifices and takes Percy's blood and almost dies. Then the end they finally find the doors of death...


Gaea: Daughter of Athena...Son of Poseidon
Arachne: Sacrifices...beautiful sacrifices to wake the goddess. i go to tartarus and you will come too.
Annabeth: Are you ok?
Percy: What is this place?
Annabeth: Tartarus
Percy: Looks like we're stuck in here
Annabeth: there's something in here with us
Gaea: Your journey does not end well, fate has spoken
Percy: What is that?
Gaea: I am the titan Gaea ever present mother of earth
Gaea: You will die!
Gaea: i need only two...
Percy: Annabeth!
Annabeth: Percy!
Gaea: The blood of a female demigod and the blood of a male
Annabeth: no! Please...please come back to me...please i love you!
Percy: there it is
Annabeth: together.
Percy: together.

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