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Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes


Day Heroes What is a Greek hero? Ancient Greek Heroes Modern Day Heroes Modern Day Heroes Who is considered a modern day hero? Modern Day Heroes Here are some examples of ancient Greek heroes... Ancient Greek heroes were sneaky, and brave. They could be philosophers such as, Socrates, or they could be a warrior ,like Achilles. Greek warriors were honored, but the Greeks who may have made the most important discoveries, could've been criticized. Ancient Greek Heroes Parents

Determined elpful pic We consider modern day heroes people who not just risk their lives to save ours, but people who help us in life. They can help you succeed in life, or help you with emotional or mental problems Why do modern day heroes help us? Modern day heroes help us because they want to see us happy, and they are willing to dedicate their lives for our Heroes have the same rights as us, and they want us, as well as them to have rights. They also keep their freedom as well. They want us to have a good foundation, so that one day, we can be heroes as well. eliable utstanding We consider Greek heroes to be brave, courageous people willing to do anything to protect their country, even if it does mean teaming up with enemy city-states. Why do Greek heroes fight for their country? The ancient Greek Heroes fought for their country, because they had great ways of trade, and they were all competing for the most power. Ancient Greek heroes could be real, or just part of a myth. Heroes who did good things were rewarded, as part of the country's appreciation for them. Both Greek and modern day heroes are honored, and stand up for their countries. They are also both brave, and determined to reach their goals. Achilles- Hero of the Trojan War


Etymology: Latin heros, from Greek hErOs

A major project to re-display the sculpture gallery began in 2008 and was completed in 2009. It includes another simply sensational sculpture by Italian sculptor Filippo Albacini (1777 – 1858) of Achilles, our ancient Greek hero, who was modelled so beautifully by so many artists in the nineteenth century and, after the classical ideal.