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Somewhere out there is somebody who would tell you for whatever reasons that is not, in fact, the greatest wide receiver to ever play in the NFL. While such hot takes are perfect for the Wild West world that is the Internet, it also conveniently ignores that Rice remains the gold standard at the position by which all other wide receivers will be compared until at least some of his NFL records begin to fall. Nobody playing in the league heading into the fall of 2015 will be accomplishing that feat during their careers, and thus Rice will remain the king of the mountain for the foreseeable future.

remains second all-time in career receiving yards, third in career touchdown grabs and sixth in total catches. Those stats alone do justice to putting him as the second greatest wide receiver in NFL history. T.O. was far more than a stat-stuffer, as he was, for a time, the most physically-dominant offensive force in the league. His nine catches for 122 yards at Super Bowl XXXIX, something that Owens pulled off essentially on one-and-a-half good legs, remains one of the greatest performances in pro football history. It is a shame that he often allowed himself to be his worst enemy, because there would otherwise be no questions about his greatness.


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One of the greatest wide receivers in the history of the school is now one of only nine Gators to rep it for the Nation in the Hall. He represents far more than simply the Gator Nation, however. After receiving the keys to the cities of both Miami and Tampa as a vital member of South Florida’s Cuban-American community, Alvarez made the members of multiple nations and generations proud.