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  • Good News Bible: Good News Translation (Paperback)
  • Good News Bible: Good News Translation (Paperback)
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Good News Bible (Large Print)


Key Features: Imprimatur of the Roman Catholic Church, Foreword to the Catholic Edition of the Good News Translation by respected Roman Catholic Biblical scholar Jean-Pierre Ruiz, S.T.D., Revised Preface to the GNT Bible, helpful introductions to every book of the Bible, Key statement from Vatican II on divine revelation, the New 3-Year Cycle of Readings for Sunday Mass, Readings for the Major Feasts of the Year, Weekday Lectionary, Word List, New Testament Passages Quoted or Paraphrased from the Septuagint, Chronology of the Bible, Subject Index, maps.

The Catholic edition of the contains the 1992 revised text in the order and format most preferred by Roman Catholics. It contains only those books considered sacred Scripture by Catholics and presents them in the sequence that follows the one used in all Catholic Bibles in the Latin Vulgate tradition. If you are unfamiliar with the Good News Translation, or if you are looking for a translation that will help you better understand the Good News of Jesus Christ for you and the world today, I encourage you to read on.


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In all these instances in which the Good News translators have tampered with the text, it will noted that the changes are subtle. Christ's deity is not necessarily challenged outright, but is carefully undermined and questioned. Those familiar with the subtle nature of modernists' denial of Christ's deity will understand this and see it for what it is.