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Susie Gharib is married to Fred Nazem. They have two children.

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I was impressed by Mr. Nazem’s affable and adventurous personality. Here is my interview with him:

Can you tell me about the different successes, challenges, and responsibilities you faced in your life?
Fred Nazem: I always admired creativity and innovation, and particularly tried to work on new products that help people and make their lives easier. I have worked with more than 300 companies, and in almost all of them, I have focused on new products and often created new markets. As someone who has spent his professional life in science, the developments and constant evolution in this sector are very important for me.

Can you tell me more about the new system you are working on?
Fred Nazem: As I mentioned before, the new medical system, which I am currently working on is named Rejuvenan (the name has an Iranian root). Due to previous experiences I gained after years of work on medical companies, I realized that non-communicable diseases are the main enemy of human beings and nearly 80% of people are suffering from them. Heart problems, diabetes and digestive system illnesses are non-communicable diseases, for which we spend almost 80 cents of a dollar of health care


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Fred Nazem, entrepreneur and philanthropist, has founded or financed several multi-billion dollar corporations. Known as a turnaround specialist, he led the reorganization and successful reversal of Oxford Health Plans which was later sold for $5 billion. He is a chemist, investor, analyst and leader.