• Blow Flies
  • Another cultural method is to keep houseflies out of homes and businesses by
  • A rope fly-catcher can be another effective way of disposing of loose flies in the house.
  • Lisa: Well once you have kids, that all flies out the window anyway.

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Once the category has been chosen, control methods are easier to choose. If you have already correctly identified your fly, go to our for more information on the fly. If you already know the breeding/feeding material of your flying pest (dead animals, soil, manure, rotting fruits, etc.) but cannot identify they fly, go to . For more general information about flies, go to .

Blue bottle and green bottle flies are a serious pest of farms, stables, gardens and bin areas. The females lay their eggs where they feed, usually in decaying meat, garbage or faeces. When the larvae hatch from the eggs they immediately begin feeding on the decomposing matter located around the hatching area. More than just a nuisance, these flies are carriers of diseases in both humans and animals.


Hover flies do not possess stingers but wasps and bees do.

The blowflies, , and some species of flesh fly (family ) may infest lesions or wounds in immobilized persons in rest homes, advanced care facilities and surgical wards. However, these infestations are short-lived, as they are easy to treat and remove. Indeed, such infestations may have positive medical outcomes. Some of these species are used by physicians to debreed dead tissue in severe burns and wounds.