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  • Michael Gilbert – Fleet of Worlds rough [from Paradox Olbers collection]

Fleet of Worlds (Known Space)


Eventually, their sun converted from a yellow dwarf to a red giant, so the Puppeteers moved the "Fleet of Worlds", the five planets, to their system's Oort cloud. This is one of the reasons the Puppeteers were so successful at keeping the location of their homeworld a secret — explorers would be looking for a yellow dwarf (as one could surmise that Puppeteers had evolved around a yellow dwarf from their biology and that they were comfortable on Earth-like planets without ) when their planet(s) were actually near a red giant.

, five years after his discovery about tidal forces, discovers that the is exploding. This news prompts the Puppeteer Exodus, where the Fleet of Worlds flee the galaxy at just under light speed for the , in the hope that by the time the explosion reaches the Fleet of Worlds, the Puppeteers will have found a way to protect their civilisation. This exodus prompts a major stock market crash in human society; in 2864, the Fleet of Worlds leaves Known Space.


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*Ed Lerner, co-author of Fleet of Worlds and Juggler of Worlds with Larry Niven, announced during a Saturday chat session that he and Larry had a contract, a title [Destroyer of Worlds], and – Pak! He gave no further details since they haven’t started to write the book yet.