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Now, erotic ebooks are big business and hundreds of new ones are published each day. They do, however, seem to often feature strange covers made up of stock photos and garish fonts. We've combed through thousands of "Erotica" ebooks available for sale online and picked out some of our, uh, favourite examples.

A couple in Ohio is suing an erotica author, as well as Apple, Amazon, and other online book sellers, accusing them of using one of their engagement photos on the cover of an NFL erotica ebook without their permission.


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A lot of the response to the revelation has been titillating or ridiculing. Comments have ranged from bemused to pearl-clutching; BuzzFeed post a list of mocking the blurbs for merman and cyclops porn. But it's undeniable that numerous readers are not only enjoying monster erotica, but also sinking their hard-earned dollars into it. Certainly the occasional person will buy an erotic ebook as a novelty or out of morbid curiosity (I'll admit that's how ended up in my ereader), but folks are largely buying monster erotica for their enjoyment. If you're not a reader of monster erotica, you might wonder, "Why on Earth are folks reading this?"