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Blue Nymph: An Adult Fantasy Romance Tale

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This outstanding collection of lesbian erotic science fiction and fantasy was originally published as two anthologies, WORLDS OF WOMEN and STARS INSIDE HER.In these pages women writers turn their vivid imaginations to faraway planets, erotic futures, and sensual fairytales, to celebrate sexuality and explore what it means to be a woman who loves women. In these stories, women seek their pleasure through magic, from goddesses, in enchanted forests, and with fairy women. Taking desire out of our modern-day political context, and letting imagination run free, these writers create fantasies like no other.

, by Cecilia Tan
If you've never experienced Tan's erotic science fiction writing, then you are in for a treat. Not only does she write the hottest kinky SF you've ever read, but she even runs a small press called that's devoted to erotic SF books. The Velderet is one of her masterpieces, about two people who go into a virtual world to find partners for the BDSM sex that's forbidden on their repressive planet. But then a race of aliens arrive to conquer their planet, and not only do these aliens practice kinky sex, but it's the foundation for their entire social system. So our kinky outlaw heroes are the best-equipped people on the planet to deal with the alien menace. Come for the sex, but stay for the awesome tale of alien invasion. The Velderet is available as .
Kinks: Sadomasochism, cybersex, gender-role swapping.


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