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  • Dressed to Kill finds an ultimate shame and gravitational fatalism in performed sexual desire.

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Some people are going to object to certain plot details in “Dressed to Kill,”particularly the cavalier way it explains a homocidal maniac's behavior bylumping together transsexuality and schizophrenia. But I doubt that DePalmawants us to take his explanations very seriously; the pseudoscientific jargonused to "explain" the case reminds me of that terrible psychiatricexplanation at the end of Psycho, a movie DePalma has been quoting from allalong.

He also has Hitchcock's delight in bizarre and unexpected plot twists, and thechief delight of the first and best hour of “Dressed to Kill” comes from theseries of surprises he springs on us. Although other key characters areintroduced, the central character in these early scenes is Kate Miller (AngieDickinson), an attractive forty-fiveish Manhattan woman who has a severe caseof unsatiated lust. DePalma opens with a deliberately shocking shower scene(homage to Hitch), and then follows the woman as her sexual fantasies becomeunexpectedly real during a lunchtime trip to the museum.


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