• Dr Demento on the radio, New Year's Eve
  • Dr Demento: [skeptically] Yeah, at least that was the story.
  • Dr Demento: Tell me how you got to know that kind of music, Frank.
  • Dr Demento: Did you hear it on the radio?

Dr. Demento 20th Anniversary Collection: The Greatest Novelty Records Of All Time


I really like your interview with Dr Demento. I to had a hit on the Dr Demento show called Have a Peanut Butter Sandwich which you can check out at

Dr Demento: Paul Buff and "She's Got A 60-Cycle Brain" from the collection of Frank Zappa on the Doctor Demento show. "By his record collection you know the man, or at least some of the man", is one of our mottos around here, and we're listening to some gems from Frank Zappa's record collection. You've got some pretty rare R&B 45s, some that I confess I don't have myself.


Dr Demento: Do they have kind of a family band?

Dr Demento: And when I think of all these other rock superstars where it seems to be like pulling teeth to get just half an album out a year, and you have reached what, like three or four LPs worth of material a year, if not more.