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TY Beanie Babies Lefty 2000 the Donkey Stuffed Animal Plush Toy - 7 inches long - American Flag Design

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eDonkey2000 in realtà è il nome della rete dei server della MetaMachine che, diffusi ovunque con la sigla ED2K sono tuttora funzionanti e risultano compatibili con decine di programmi tra cui lo stesso eMule.

I ragazzi di MetaMachine hanno firmato nel 2006 un accordo con la RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America), la SIAE statunitense, che ha portato alla disattivazione 'formale' di eDonkey2000.


TY Beanie Babies Lefty the Donkey 2000 | Hearts Desire Gifts

The latest version of the official eDonkey2000 client included a plugin that allowed files to be downloaded. Once a torrent download begins the search facility within eDonkey can find the same file within the eDonkey/Overnet network and synchronise its download. This effectively allowed a torrent to be used as another source for the download, vastly increasing speed as well as virtually eliminating problems with fakes. Torrents are very "clean" in terms of falsely labelled files and their use as file size verifiers in addition to eDonkey2000's own user-based fake warning system has vastly improved the network's functionality. By effectively combining the range of the existing Overnet and eDonkey networks with the lightning-fast file distribution of the BitTorrent system, eDonkey2000 was following a growing trend amongst programmes of integrating downloads from multiple networks. This has the advantage of maximising the number of files available while limiting vulnerability to problems on a single network.