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Too low to display

Not only has Denise Richards been open with the public about her history with breast implants, she’s actually had something of an interesting odyssey involving them that’s lasted over the last several years. Early in her career, she did what so many models have done and went under the knife for bigger boobs. Just one problem – after she woke up, she had much bigger breasts than she’d asked for. She lived with them for a while, before getting surgery to have them reduced, which in another screwup resulted in even bigger implants (!!). She’s apparently happy with them now, though, after finally getting them adjusted to the size she wanted all along. And they look pretty good to me, too. What do you think?

So Denise Richards has shown plenty of skin over the course of her career. So much so that you might not even need a sex tape. That becomes even more true if you remember the fact that a Denise Richards sex tape might as likely as not feature Charlie Sheen, who I don’t imagine many people would want to see having sex with Denise Richards or with anyone else. So maybe we should look at the lack of a leaked Denise Richards sex tape as a kind of blessing in disguise. Conversely, her four year marriage with Sheen probably means that there is a sex tape out there, since Sheen seems like the kind of guy who keeps an extensive personal collection of such things.


Denise Richards: I try to keep my fun bags

Charlie’s problem was he really thought he was as good as all the yes men he keeps around himself. Denise Richards was a good Mon and wife but couldn’t keep up with Charlie’s big head. I hope this tumble from the lime light will help him, but he will probably have hit rock bottom before he realizes he’s just a man and not a god.