• Curry Favor 7.22.2016
  • In order to curry favor with soon-to-be-disgraced corporate executives?
  • Swear, I will kill thee else, that thou art not speaking to curry favor with me.
  • She was like a dog which after a whipping tries to curry favor with its master.

Curried Favors: Family Recipes from South India


Like most powerful flavors you often have to mix with other strong flavors to avoid one note overwhelming the drink. After a few attempts I decided on mixing the curry leaves with Meyer lemons, which for anyone who isn’t familiar with them are basically a cross between mandarin oranges and lemons and have a very orange-blossomy nose. The result was a drink I am calling the Curried Favor.

This episode of expands its universe a bit, spending some time outside the courtroom and the public defender’s office. Its previous excursions have been brief (a glimpse of Nina’s downsized apartment) or work-related (, a night in jail) or desperate (sad, lonely co-workers ). “Curry Favor” gives these overworked characters some semblance of a social life, showing us their homes and evenings out as they get comfortable away from the office.


Curry Favor at Stamford House…..goodbye!

Well, according to Curry Favor, their curries are “carefully created by our Japanese chef in a process that spans more than 5 hours daily. Our signature curry sauce is the essence of our intense research effort, using only fresh vegetables to bring out the spectrum of flavors from carefully selected curry spices”.