• Cookie Monster loaded
  • Description: Help Cookie Monster collect the gems and win the Hungry Games.
  • The Sesame Street Cookie Monster
  • Description: Kellan Lutz shows Cookie Monster different things that vibrate.

Cookie monster before he liked Vegetables.

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The Count introduced the Cookie Monster to a long-time friend and registered , Henry "Hoots" Owl. Hoots taught the Cookie Monster that eating cookies is perfectly okay, just as long as you only do it on occasion. The Cookie Monster did not take to this very easily. He believed that Hoots was crazy. "" He tried his best to avoid the teachings of Hoots, but in the end found himself unable to.

However reluctant at the beginning, the Cookie Monster eventually accepted the teaching of Hoots Owl that a is a sometimes food, and began to walk the line of life. The Cookie Monster agreed to join a club, where he got the moral support he needed during his time of need. Having been cookie sober for over 2 and a half years, the Cookie Monster began his crusade to spread the knowledge of cookies, and help children to not make the same mistakes that he had made in his life.


Cookie Monster got her name because she love for cookies and treats!

In 2006, in response to growing concerns about record levels of in the U.S.A., began airing segments titled . In these segments, the Muppet characters of talk about healthy habits, such as eating properly and exercising. The segments spawned Internet rumors that Cookie Monster's name had been changed to Veggie Monster or would be taken off the show entirely.