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The Community College Advantage: Your Guide to a Low-Cost, High-Reward College Experience


Another reason community college is advantageous is that a four-year degree requires “general education” units. Some students have struggled through these required classes and even have had to take them twice before they can really focus on the classes that really interest them most. Since tuition is lower at community college, that means retaking a class will not cost as much.

Community colleges have become integral in the fabric of higher education in the United States. According to Minnesota-based iseek, 36.5 percent of college students were enrolled in community colleges in 2008. This is more than double the 17.8 percent attending community colleges in 1963. Growth in availability, rising tuition costs and economic struggles contributed to rapid growth in the early 21st century. Relative to four-year colleges and universities, studying at a community college has advantages and disadvantages.


What Are the Advantages of Community Colleges