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Good Vibes Coloring Book (Coloring Is Fun)


U.K. based illustrator has put a whole new spin on the concept of “adult” coloring books by creating an exciting new project on Kickstarter: , cheekily abbreviated to C.U.N.T.

But with Reilly’s coloring book ― and the intricate patterns around the “cringeworthy” words ― women are free to reclaim those words and make them entirely beautiful.


animals coloring pages to print

Having already spent numerous hours coloring in this book, I can honestly say that Pop Manga Coloring Book is a great investment for anyone who needs a little relaxation and a few more smiles in their life. The quality of the artwork is very high, and it’s clear that d’Errico took the time to curate her work for this coloring collection. I highly recommend grabbing a copy for yourself and a box of sharpened coloring pencils. Then, let your brain turn-off. Your hands will color the happy in instinctively, and your heart will smile.