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Cloud Atlas

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However, the movie is just an appetizer. The novel is a six-course meal, including a dessert with a rich and creamy center. We're pretty sure you'll be stuffed to the brim after your Cloud Atlas buffet, but it's so good, you might want to go back for seconds.

Don't give up. Cloud Atlas shows us that every deed has a consequence. We always hear about the consequences of bad deeds (and Cloud Atlas has plenty of those), but what about the good ones? Although you may not see the results of your good deeds, they're there. The good deeds make little ripples throughout time and will help someone else somewhere down the line.


Yay! You're now following Cloud Atlas in your .

Yet "Cloud Atlas" cries out for an explanation, and surely you've noticed that I've been tap-dancing around one. I could tell you that it relates six stories taking place between the years 1849 and 2346. I could tell you that the same actors appear in different roles, playing characters of different races, genders and ages. Some are not even human, but fabricants. I could tell you that the acting and makeup are so effective that often I had no idea if I was looking at , or . I could tell you that, and what help is it?