• Understanding Click and Type (Microsoft Word) - TIPS
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  • In all recent versions of Word (since at least Word 2003), there is a handy little feature called “Click and Type.”

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Word includes a feature known simply as Click and Type. This feature means that when you are working in Print Layout view or Web Layout view, you can double-click your mouse in any open area of your document (where there isn't text) and begin typing right away.

Normally, you begin typing at the left side of the screen. If you later want to adjust your text to the right margin or center it on the screen, you do so by using the tools on the various ribbon tabs. Click and Type, however, allows you to quickly format and enter text at the same time. The result is faster editing and formatting.


Aligning text with Word’s “Click and Type” feature

Given below steps outline, how you can automate mouse clicks with the software utility presented here. The Rest of the steps require you to specify where to click mouse, define mouse click type, delay, whether to return mouse cursor to it's original location, etc.