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  • Highlights from the 8th grade class trip.
  • Class Trip Crush is an otome game by Voltage Inc.

Class Trip (Peppa Pig)


Kids ‘N Shape features an exclusive combination of for class trips including; inflatables (Bounce House and 40-foot Inflatable Obstacle Course with tunnels and slide) and wheeled toys (sit-down scooters exerbugs, bumper cars, hand twiters, foot twisters). Balls, both regular footballs and soccer balls, and oversize beach and soccer balls are available. Of course, we also have large ball and foam pits available.

Our more traditional interactive fitness class trip attractions include; full court basketball, a soccer playing field with nets, air hockey, and so much more! Featuring our world-famous Zip Line (yes, your children can ride a zip line)! We even have an setup to play a selection of popular games like bowling and boxing, all during your child’s Kids ‘N Shape class trip.


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Any series that takes place in a school, be it elementary, middle, high, or even kindergarten, will have at least one episode that takes place during a class trip. The destination can vary, but for day trips, it's usually educational and painfully boring (like a , a local historical landmark, or a ). is one of the most common destinations for these in .