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  • Discuss Christmas in Connecticut on our Movie forum!

Christmas in Connecticut (1945)


Christmas in Connecticut is one of those movies that you could start the plot and tack on “hijinks ensue” at the end. The set-up feels very modern in the idea of this elaborate plan to pull one over on the poor soldier and editor just so can keep her job…sounds just like something like I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry which involved a couple pretending to be married to get insurance. As you can see, this is a classic set-up, but the absurdity of the plot isn’t that crazy in the long standing of plays and film.

Directed by Peter Godfrey, Christmas in Connecticut is a classic Christmas film. The movie airs frequently during the holidays and was part of the whole classic romance style from the time period.


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Out of all the Christmas movies out there, Christmas in Connecticut has to be my favorite! I borrowed it from Netflix about 6 years ago because I saw a commercial for it on Turner Classic Movies (my favorite channel on television) and thought it looked darling! My siblings poked fun at me because they thought it was just going to be another old black and white movie but even THEY enjoyed it! It is the ultimate “fake it until you make it” movie and will definitely raise your spirits. This movie is a must see and will surely be a part of your Christmas movie list for years to come.