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  • a dream, revelation, or VISION. CHAZOWN C EPITAPH CORE
  • a dream, revelation, or VISION. CHAZOWN (khaw-zone’)
  • a dream, revelation, or VISION. CHAZOWN 1. Spirit's PROMPTING

Chazown: Define Your Vision. Pursue Your Passion. Live Your Life on Purpose.


The clarity exhibited in "Chazown" is refreshing. There are times and places for deep philosophical wanderings on one's purpose, but there is also time for simplicity. Beginning with three circles, Groeschel explores how one's core values, spiritual gifts and past experiences intersect to find the center of one's Chazown.

Thankfully, as Craig Groeschel details in his book there is more than just the nine-to-five grind with an occasional weekend getaway. Concentrating on the idea of "Chazown," the Hebrew word for dream or vision, Groeschel emphasizes the relevance of spirituality to all aspects of life and challenges the reader to take -testing journeys through their past, with the hope of using their experiences for a better future.


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God has a unique ‘Chazown’, a unique PURPOSE and VISION for your life. How do you DISCOVER what that is, and, more importantly, how do you LIVE IT? You will find ANSWERS to this and more at The Chazown Experience. Register at