• The Chaperone
  • You're babes in the wood without a chaperon or referee, and it's my duty to start you going.
  • Mrs. Ford, worn out with war work, had gone with the girls to chaperon them.
  • Like any boy, he blushed and was ashamed; he knew that the chaperon remembered.

The Chaperone


New functions for chaperones continue to be discovered, such as assistance in , activity, and in responding to diseases linked to protein aggregation (e.g. see ) and cancer maintenance.

Other types of chaperones are involved in transport across , for example membranes of the and (ER) in . translocation—specific chaperone maintains newly synthesized in a -competent () state and guides them to the .


New Features Available with Chaperone 2.0Chaperone 2.0 now offers:

Many of the moms interviewed for this story weren’t too worried about safety. The number of gyms and PokéStops where they lived were so limited, they knew exactly where their children would be while playing. Most kids aren’t allowed to go on hunts alone; either they play in groups of friends or with an adult chaperone who’s just as thrilled by the possibility of catching a Dratini as the kids are.