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Celtic Messages [With 52 Cards for Affirmation & Divination]


I’m back to the Wednesday oracle readings at last, starting with the lovely Celtic Messages Oracle. It’s new to me, but so far I enjoy it and I could not help but laugh when I pulled a very appropriate card today, the Cauldron. Click on it to see a larger scan.

The Celtic Messages tarot cards are a simplified divination tool that give more generalized, less in depth answers than per say, the Rider Wait deck and other tarot decks that are more complicated and lengthy in response. I am choosing to offer these readings for people who want a more cost-effective reading and who do not mind the more general nature of these particular cards.


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Celtic Messages draws on the rich symbolism and striking imagery of Celtic mythology, and present a carefully selected series of 52 key ideas - each handsomely illustrated by Emma Nelson. Ten ways of laying the cards (spreads) are described, each tailored to suit specific situations.