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Sex and Race, Volume 3: Negro-Caucasian Mixing in All Ages and All Lands -- Why White and Black Mix in Spite of Opposition

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South Indians from four (now five) south indian states namely Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are Dravidians and other peoples from the states of Maharashtra, Goa, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Orissa, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal and Assam are overwhelmingly Dravidian than the Aryan-Dravidian or Mongolo-Dravidian mixed race. Majority (more than 90%) of peoples from these states have dark brown to black skin color, have big noses (not long but broad), fleshy dark lips, and many other features common to Negroid race. They have features of both Caucasoid and Negroid races and can be placed on the outer periphery of Caucasian race due to their skull structure, they are more similar to Ethiopian race. Whereas most peoples from North India are mostly Caucasoid with all the caucasian features (but with a variety of skin color like nordic white, fair, wheatish, olive, tanned, light brown and brown). I’ve visited almost all the states of India and I can safely say Peoples from Kashmir region are about 90% fair, from Jammu, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh are about 80%, from Uttarakhand, Delhi and Haryana about 75% can be safely placed under fairs caucasian race, and peoples from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar Rajasthan and Gujarat are about 60-70% with fair skin. Whereas other peoples of India are mostly darker in skin color with little negro features.

Because Hamites and Caucasians were negroids before they departed Africa, their place of origin. At that time all Homo sapiens lived in Africa and were nearly identical in appearance. at that time, according to dna studies, all people in Africa belonged to 4 distinct tribes. For a brief period of time the Sahara desert cooled enough that one of the four tribes moved north out of Africa and into Arabia. The other three tribes would remain I sub Sahara Africa for millennia unchanged in the physical features because they were already adapted to that environment. The tribe that settled in Arabia had to adapt to different climatic conditions and also encountered Neanderthals with whom they interbred. This would obviously create a change in appearance from sub Saharan people who never encountered Neanderthals. Today, all people of the world except sub saharans have 4 to 6 percent Neanderthal Dna. After the new Arabian tribe created the worlds first civilization in Sumer, the Fertile Crescent dessertified causing many of the Arabians to move into Europe which at this point was not inhabited by modern humans. As the world was in a period f natural warming, Northern Europe had a welcoming climate and these nomads settled there, their appearance still darker skinned and akin to the Arabians from where they originated. When the ice age returned, the people in Northern Europe hunkered down and survived although the majority died from cold, starvation , and some speculate from vitamin d deficiency. In areas of high sunlight, vitamin d is abundant and too much or too little can be lethal. The humans’ natural,defense against excess vitamin d is darker skin via melanin. Africa and Middle East have lots of sunshine and the people of the regions skin remained dark. However in Northern Europe during the ice age, the darker the skin the more chance you would die of vitamin d deficiency. Through natural selection, people of lighter skin would survive. Lighter eyes were also better adapted to snowy and ice covered areas as the lighter eyes would absorb less reflected light . the term negroid is problematic because it seems to apply to anyone with black skin. A better term would be sub Saharan blacks. The people of Ethiopia , although they have black skin, were members of the one tribe who left Africa to Arabia but then moved back into northeast Africa. Although their skin is black they belong to the same tribe of people who left Africa, some of which moved to Europe and through adapting to a different environment, became Caucasians. Should also mention that when Fertile Crescent desertified, some moved to the east populating Asia and the Americas where they physically adapted to their natural environments.


Some theories equate Albinos with the origin of the Caucasian Race.