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  • The Bookmarks toolbar can have items other than bookmarks added to it. For more information, see .
  • You can save the webpages you’d like to see again by creating bookmarks.
  • To learn how to bookmark a webpage, choose your device:

Shoot for the Moon Beaded Bookmark


Creating your website with Bookmark is easier than ever – no tech skills needed. Our versatile, feature-packed templates take you further, faster. Just pick a template, change anything you want, and get online instantly. Best of all, your design is responsive to be viewed perfectly from any device right from the start.

Bookmarking (or favoriting) a Web page adds it to a list in your Web browser for quick access. Think of bookmarks like speed dial for websites -- no need to remember a long Web address or dig through your history to revisit a site you liked, just click its bookmark.


The addition is included in the bookmark.

You’re not alone. I work in a bookstore and we give out these bookmarks, right? Nothing special. Just a rectangle with our locations listed. And people ALWAYS ask for them when we run out.