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The LSAT Trainer: A remarkable self-study guide for the self-driven student


The LSAT – or law school admission test – is a test used in Canada, America and Australia as a means of determining whether or not a potential student is prepared for law school through testing their reading, comprehension, reasoning and logical skills. Students are able to retake the test upon receiving a failing grade, though are only able to do so three times over any given two-year period. For this reason, shopping for a good LSAT preparation program can be a little tricky. Unlike most products, by the time you realize the item you bought isn’t all that great, it will already be too late when it comes to your LSAT prep book. In the name of passing grades, we’ll cover what can be considered one of the best LSAT prep books out there while going over just what it is that makes an LSAT prep book good in the first place. You’ll be ready for your test in no time.

If you’re hell bent on entering law school, then you better buy the 10 best LSAT prep books now. These preparatory books have helped countless lawyers take that first step in fulfilling their dreams—acceptance to law school. Passing the Law School Admission test becomes more realistic once you read these books.


Master the LSAT with PowerScores LSAT Prep Books and study materials

Improving your score is possible and the PowerScore Logic Games Bible helps towards that goal. The guide, revised for 2015 is one of the best LSAT prep books we’ve found to tackling the logical games section.