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Baby Happy Baby Sad (Leslie Patricelli board books)


The set I bought includes Baby Happy Baby Sad, Yummy Yucky, Quiet Loud, Big Little, and No No Yes Yes. Apart from the latter, they’re clearly focused on contrastive adjectives. Physically, they’re big enough and chunky enough for toddlers to pick up and open, with clear, simply, and whimsical images of a baby doings “things.”

Depending on the size of the board book and your client’s hand, you can choose the clip size that best suits. Here’s an example of different-sized clips on my Baby Happy Baby Sad book:


Kyra Reading "Baby Happy, Baby Sad" - YouTube

Babies and toddlers, as well as their parents, will love the humorous way that author-illustrator Leslie Patricelli tackles teaching the concept of opposites in "Baby Happy Baby Sad" and "No No Yes Yes" (Candlewick Press, $6.99 each). Patricelli's cartoonlike baby has instant appeal as he/she moves through a day of feeling happy one minute, then sad the next (holding an ice-cream cone, then dropping it), or showing bad behavior one minute and good behavior the next (coloring on walls, then coloring on paper). As the back of "Baby Happy Baby Sad" puts it: "Happy things. Sad things. They're all in a baby's day." Best of all, the comic scenes help retain the book's entertainment value through repeated readings.