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  • Anthony Starke as Ezra Standish

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Feeling guilty because Sam Gillen (Jean-Claude Van Damme) has taken the fall for the accidental murder of a bank guard during a robbery that went very bad, Billy (Anthony Starke) initiates a prison break and springs him. The escape attempt does not go as smoothly as it should and Billy ends up losing his life in the process. Sam is now on his own, with nowhere to turn, he heads for the woods to lie low for a while. His first night takes Sam to the home of Clydie Anderson, (Rosanna Arquette) looking for some seasonings for the piece of meat he plans on cooking. A trip that almost gets him caught by her son Mike.

Return of the Killer Tomatoes is a film you’re either going to love or you’re going to loathe, depending on your tolerance for goofy late ‘80s comedies, but there’s no denying that a lot of care and attention actually went into making 88 minutes of silliness not quite as dumb as it makes out to be and if you’re on board with it then it is just as entertaining as any other food-based B-movie you care to mention (and there are plenty if you look). But just in case you need convincing Arrow Video have provided some extra material that includes a new audio commentary by writer/director John De Bello and a brand new interview with actor Anthony Starke, who has nothing but good things to say about making the film (and going to nightclubs with George Clooney), and along with a nicely cleaned-up picture this cult oddity has never looked or been presented any better. It may work better watching it with a crowd rather than sitting down on your own to enjoy it but nevertheless, it is very enjoyable and not the total turkey you would expect it to be, and it is certainly not the worst thing George Clooney has put his name to. On the contrary, he should be very proud.


Anthony Starke played the demon in the episode .

Work continued apace - more guest starring roles including and , the movie and the short series , which was set in Alaska. Anthony, 'handsome and identifiable'E played yet another Billy - this one 'a good-natured architect and prototypical normal guy'E. He then won the recurring role of Kip in . Playing the fiancé Susan dumped in the first episode, he appeared in a further three episodes during the first season. Still combining comedic and dramatic roles, Anthony guest starred in and extended his repertoire even further by playing the Airport Manager in . Filming in The Netherlands, Anthony worked in Dutch alongside his late grandfather, Anton Starke, a long-time amateur actor appearing in his first movie at the age of 78.