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The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America


Founded in conjunction with the Program on Law & Government, the American Constitutional Society ("the Society") is a student organization at the Washington College of Law ("WCL"). The Society seeks to promote the values of equity and respect for the rule of law embodied in the living document that is the Constitution. The Society will promote civic and intellectual growth through a better understanding of various textual interpretations as well as constitutional arguments, both past and present, and by discussion of the document's current daily life applications and implications. All of these goals together will foster a strong dedication to the idea of America as a diverse nation unified by our common bond. A bond found and embodied in the Constitution; that guiding set of principles and rights that no individual and no law is above but that each is free to call upon as their own.

The American Constitution Society embraces the progress our nation has made toward full embodiment of the Constitution's core values. ACS believes that law can and should be a force for improving the lives of all people. We are revitalizing and transforming legal and policy debates in classrooms, courtrooms, legislatures and the media, and we are building a diverse and dynamic network of progressives committed to justice. Through these efforts, ACS will ensure that the institutions of American law reflect the highest values of our nation and serve the needs of its people.


The Constitution of the United States Preamble Note

Much is in the American news today regarding the American Constitution. Republicans in general, and Tea-partiers in particular, take pride in citing the Constitution as the "Bible" of American governance. Yet, with regard to details on the Committee who were the Framers of the Constitution, it seems that little is known by most people.

They should be forgiven for this. After all, the American people have had the luxury of economic complacency for generations, and most are only beginning to scratch their heads and look for some real answers to what is occurring in their country. Those who are now questioning what their Constitution actually says are on the right track and, in time, hopefully a broader understanding will develop in Americans as to who the Constitution's authors were and what they were thinking when they wrote it.

From the outset, the de-facto leaders of the newly-created country made a wise decision with regard to their Constitution: keep it simple. Although there were 55 delegates to the Constitutional Convention (sent from twelve of the thirteen states), a committee was chosen (made up of delegates and non-delegates alike) that was as small as it could be, while still taking in the perspectives that were most commonly supported at that time.

Designers of the Constitution