• Telling Time: AM or PM?
  • It is impossible to answer your question unless we know whether the times are AM or PM.
  • Time Zone - am or pm
  • I used that part to construct a Path to save my files..I built my assumptions that I will get either AM or PM and nothing else !!

Ezy Dose 7 Day AM/PM Travel Pill Container, 2-Pack

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Give once daily (AM or PM). Depression: initially 50mg/day, may increase at 1-week intervals; max 200mg/day. PMDD: give either for entire menstrual cycle or only during luteal phase. Luteal phase dosing: initially 50mg/day; if no response, may increase to 100mg/day, starting each cycle at 50mg/day for 3 days. Entire cycle dosing: initially 50mg/day, if no response, may increase by 50mg/cycle to max 150mg/day.

Give once daily (AM or PM). Panic or social anxiety disorder, PTSD: initially 25mg/day, increase after 1 week to 50mg/day; titrate at intervals of at least 1 week. OCD: Initially 50mg/day; may increase at 1-week intervals. For all: max 200mg/day.


clock with the hands at 10 am or pm isolated on a white background

Either.:The best time to take it is when you will remember to take it. Am or pm doesn't really matter. The pharmacy will tell you pm, but it really doesn't matter.