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False Prophets: Fraud An Error In Science And Medicine

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In ''False Prophets'' Alexander Kohn surveys the entire field of dishonesty in the natural sciences and medicine, with a side glance at archeology, paleontology and one or two other branches of scholarship. Mr. Kohn tells his story well, and has plainly given it a great deal of thought; in addition to being professor of virology at the Tel Aviv Medical School, he is editor of the intriguingly entitled Journal of Irreproducible Results. (I wish he had said a little about what his editorial duties entail, but he does at least make it clear that the fact that an experiment is irreproducible does not necessarily mean that error or deception is involved.) There are errors, as Mr. Kohn says, that ''are nothing to be ashamed of,'' and he begins by considering some examples - in particular, those cases of collective error where a scientist's initial mistake has been taken up and repeated by other scientists until it assumes the proportions of a mass delusion.

Alexander W Kohn is a financial advisor with Ubs Financial Services Inc., which primarily works withIndividuals and Corporations, Investment Vehicles, or Other Businesses. Alexander Kohn operates outof New York, NY.

Other Names Used: Alexander Kohn, Alexander Wolff Kohn


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