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  • Title: A Scream in the Streets (1973)
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Scream Street: Flesh of the Zombie


Naked african immigrant women walking and screaming in the street. Tel Aviv, IsraelThe uploader of the vid wrote that she was raped... it seems like drugs to me..
...... 18/04/2014

Transvestite slasher (Con Covert) meets cop buddies Ed (John Kirkpatric) and Bob (Frank Bannon) in the "thrilling" finale of A SCREAM IN THE STREETS (1973)


A Scream in the Streets | Trailer | 1973 MIND BLOWIN' Trailers!!

This jaw-droppingly odd and obscure softcore crime film was on adouble-feature cassette with "Axe" and that's how I saw it. It starts offwith the most jarring set of opening credits ever. Basically, a boomingmale voice shouts over a black screen "A Scream in the Streets!" then itabruptly cuts to the Fastest Scrolling Titles Ever superimposed overfootageof an unconvincing drag queen killing someone (1970's police show musicraging in the background). The film settles down a bit after this intosomething resembling a story, although I can't remember what it is. Myonlymemory is that it involved a massage parlor and lots of sex scenes (one,atleast, verging on hardcore). The men were the ugliest beasts I've everseenwith their clothes off. They couldn't have found more hideous men forthisfilm. Towards the end, the ludicrous drag queen from the opening creditsshows up again and implausibly stalks a park while going completelyunnoticed. Then something happens and the film ends.... For fans ofrunnycolor and grainy cinematography only.