• Impact of Court Decisions
  • The General Assembly empowers the Family Court to exercise its jurisdiction.
  • The Family Court has a staff of more than 300 employees including the judiciary.
  • Family Court has its origin in the Wilmington Juvenile Court, which was founded in 1911.

A Court of Mist and Fury (A Court of Thorns and Roses)


Towards that end, in June, 2009 the Chief Justices of the Supreme Judicial Court and the Trial Court established the Access to Justice Initiative. A number of the features on the Massachusetts Courts website were implemented as a result of the initiative including:

For doctrine geeks only: What the court should have said was that in the Abercrombie case -- which involved discrimination, not RFRA -- the Supreme Court only held that an employer may be held liable if its decision was motivated by religion. That's not what was at stake here, where the question is the distinct one of what steps a member of the armed forces must take to get an exemption under RFRA.


A complete list of Alaska Court System is available on our website.

The first issue has to do — it’s a threshold issue: Does Texas actually have the right to be in federal court suing the government over this program? This is what we call standing to sue. Texas argues that it does have standing because it will suffer an injury, a financial injury, in what it’s going to cost to deliver license — driver’s licenses to these immigrants.