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  • A Book Of Five Rings By Miyamoto Musashi. The classic guide to strategy and self-empowerment.
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The Book of Five Rings


Miyamoto Musashi was Japan’s greatest samurai, ever—and then became a great Zen meditator, when he authored The Book of Five Rings, a classic book of strategy and sage advice.

PDF of A BOOK OF FIVE RINGS: A Practical Guide to Strategy by Miyamoto Musashi; A Modern Translation for The 21st Century Compiled and Illustrated by Theresa M. Moore Rev. Ed. This handy illustrated guide to Kendo is a retranslation of the original five books by the most famous ronin and "kensei" (sword saint) of them all. The principles can be applied in all aspects of everyday life to any field of study. This book also contains essays on the history of Japan and the traditional and religious background that shaped Musashi's philosophy of the sword. With a color art gallery by the master and other artists celebrating his life and work. No DRM, not printable, color cover embedded in the file.


A Book of Five Rings: The Classic Guide to Strategy ..

On Wall Street, when Musashi talks, people listen. "Time" I have some advice for American businessmen who are trying to figure out why the Japanese excel in business. Buy and study a copy of Musashi's "A Book of Five Rings." "George Lois, chairman of the board/creative director of Lois Pitts Gershon, New York""