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  • For collectors of 1960s psychedelic artifacts, the greatest prizes are often original copies of the posters that promoted concerts in the San Francisco area.
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Psychedelic: Optical and Visionary Art since the 1960s (MIT Press)


"[Illustrators like me] are trying to walk the same path [as the 1960s psychedelic artists] but we're trying to improve it a bit more, according to the possibilities that the present era brings us."

The heyday of psychedelic art and design spanned but a few years from the rump end of the 1960s, and yet its influence continues to resonate strongly, with a new breed of artists and designers drawing on the classic works of the genre in fresh and exciting ways. Unlike psychedelic music - which was rolled into the mainstream - psychedelic art remained very much a part of the counter culture, never gaining true acceptance by the established art community of the day. As 1960s psychedelic artist John Hurford recalls, "It was frowned upon by the art establishment, in much the same way as freestyle graffiti was in the 1980s."


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