• 17000 Block (2005)
  • In the 17000 block of Highway 278 near Double Spings, SBI agents seized:
  • Palm Street, 17000 block, near Umatilla, July 16. Deputies took a report of vehicle theft.
  • The burglaries are happening around the 17000 block of Covello Street. Rachel Kim reports.

17000 Block

Too low to display

Meanwhile, Buck becomes the boss of his own empire, 17000 BLOCK. But staying at the top of the game is difficult with the streets, the mob, and police in his way. In addition to these and many other dangers, Buck must continue to deceive Red if he wants to survive.

17000 BLOCK is another hood story but it's about more than murder and drugs. It's about deception and betrayal in Detroit's underworld. Here, the codes of loyalty, honor, and respect fall to the wayside.


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Set against the backdrop of Detroit's underworld, 17000 Block tells the story of Buck, a young man trapped in the middle of a street family rivalry - he is coerced, by his unscrupulous Uncle Eddie, to pull a robbery. When the job goes bad Buck finds himself running from the law, and the streets.