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Weight Watchers 123 Success is the best road to a new, healthy body. I would recommend this diet to anyone that is overweight, even if they only want to lose 5 - 10 pounds. It is very healthy, eating all the foods you want, without any health risks. If you learn to eat the right foods, and learn to use smaller portions, you will lose weight. You will notice weightloss in about 2 weeks. The first week may be water, which when you drink 8 glasses of water a day, will help get rid of excess water. You ask how can that be. That happens because the more water you drink you get rid of all excess.

Sometimes people do not eat enought, they think if they only eat a little bit they will get thin. That is wrong thinking. As I learned in Weight Watchers Class that you can look at your body as a coal stove. In order for that stove to produce heat you have to add fuel. In order for your body to burn calories you have to feed it fuel. See the similarity?

I would reccommend Weight Wqtchers 123 Success for anyone wanting to lose weight. I decided to try this diet because I do not want to fit into size 10 clothing, I want to fit my size 6 and 8 dresses, and slacks.

There are many places you can meet for class with Weight Watchers. I live in Middletown, PA and there is a place close to my home, Church of God, they have meetings in the class rooms.

The cooking magazines they sell are terrific. Menu Planning, low-fat foods to make. Eating the Smart Ones frozen dinners is a plus. You can find them in most any grocery store. The even have the points on them. If I haven't said anything about points, that is how Weight Watchers diet works. Everything you eats counts points.
You would be wise to join today. Maybe tomorrow you could be on the road to a model body. Remember to exercise too! Weight Watchers taught me alot. I hope you will find it as impressive as I do. I am now a life time member, and very proud of it. How you become a life-time member is by reaching a goal weight, and staying within 2 lbs of it, weight in once a month at a meeting.


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