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101 Damnations: Dispatches from the 101st Tour de France

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For this reader at least it fills a huge hole because although I scarcely missed a minute of the 2014 Tour on the TV for reasons too complicated to go into, I didn't get to cover a single stage. Armed with 101 Damnations you can join all the dots and get the completed picture. Well as much as you ever can on the Tour de France, where nobody ever gets to see, know or hear the full story.

The premise of 101 Damnations is wonderfully simple and probably took ten seconds top-whack to convince the publisher. A romp through the 101st edition of the Tour de France from a man with enviable access to the great and good in his role as ITV's Tour newshound and main interviewer. It doesn't set out to be much more than that but quickly starts offering up all sorts of treats and inside track anecdotes.


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