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Azagoth: A Demonica Novella (1001 Dark Nights)


Tales of Arabian Nights are not just another book. They are not only a work of art. They are not only an ornamental description of 1001 nights of stories. Arabian Nights stories are one of the magic doors to some kind of parallel universe where everything is possible yet human nature is still the same aas always: selfish or generous, smart and stupid, rich and poor, the unforgettable exotic characters in which we can always find ourselves.

This representation of Jafar in Disney's "Aladdin" differs drastically from the loyal vizier of Haroun al-Rashid in the actual 1001 Nights stories. Disney's depiction of Jafar is as a manipulative villain who seeks to overthrow his caliph by marrying his caliph's daughter. In the story of the end of Jafar and the Barmakids, Shahrazad claims that Haroun al-Rashid forces his vizier Jafar to marry his sisterso he can sleep with both of them at the same time. He forbids them from seeing each other outside of his presence, but eventually the two give in to temptation, which could possibly be the reason that Haroun has Jafar executed.


"Tales of the Arabian Nights is actually several games in one