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Reason to Breathe (The Breathing Series)


The Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade is one of the greatest shooting guards to ever play in the NBA, and we LOVE this guy! Along with being one of our favorite players, Dwyane is a multiple time champion, a perennial All Star, and the winner of the 2006 NBA Finals MVP Award. He was the star of one of the most exciting Finals series in recent memory in 2006, and he was responsible for helping bring the city of Miami it’s first ever championship. Since the Heat acquired Lebron James in 2010, Dwyane has become increasingly overshadowed by basketball fans and casual observers, but he’s still a very good player today. Here are 10 reasons to love Dwyane Wade.

My love of coffee got me thinking….why not list 10 Reasons to Love Coffee? I have inadvertently been know to turn tea drinkers into coffee lovers so maybe I can convince even you to try coffee, and especially the deliciously roasted line! With both ground coffee, and convenient blends, there is no reason to be without a hot or iced cup!


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